Recording Credits

Having worked on over 200 albums, I’ve had stylistically diverse tracking, mixing, and mastering experience. As a recording engineer who’s done a great deal of analog recording, I specialize in tracking live players —preferably as many together as possible.

(R=Recorded, M=Mixed, P=Produced, Ma=Mastered, E=Engineered)

Monkey Junk, To Be Hold (R, M, P, Ma)

The Tragically Hip, Music@Work (E)  

The Tragically Hip, Phantom Power (E)

Blue Rodeo, Days In Between (E) 

Blue Rodeo, Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Er) 

Great Big Sea, Fortunes Favor (E)

Carly Ray Jepsen, Good Time (E)

Strippers Union, The Deuce (R, M)

The JayHawks, MockingBird Time (R) 

The Sadies, Darker Circles (E, M)

The Sadies, In Concert (E, M)  

The Sadies, New Seasons (Engineer, Mix) 

Jay Semko, Jay Semko (M)

Ronnie Hawkins w/ Levon Helm, Still Cruisin’ (E)

Hawksley Workman, A Treeful Of Starlings (E, M) 

Hawksley Workman, Los Manlicious (E, M, P) 

Tom Jackson, That Side of the Window (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Matthew Barber, Ghost Notes (E, M)  

Matthew Barber, The Haunted Hillbilly (E, M) 

Jeremy Fisher, Goodbye Blue Monday (E, M)

Kris Kristofferson (E)

Sara Slean, Demos (Engineer, Mix)

Colin Linden, Big Mouth (Engineer)

Lisa Brokop, Undeniable (Engineer) 

Sue Foley, Love Comin' Down (Engineer)

Oh Susanna, Sleepy Little Sailor (Engineer, Mix)

Oh Susanna, Oh Susanna (Engineer, Mix)  

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Kings Of Love (Engineer, Mix)  

Moxy Fruvous, Thornhill (Engineer)

By Divine Right, Bless This Mess (Engineer, Mix)

The Mahones, The Hell Fire Club Sessions (Engineer, Mix)  

Big Wreck, Demos (Engineer, Mix)

Sarah Harmer, Demos (Engineer, Mix)

Fred Eaglesmith, Fallin, Stars & Broken Hearts (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Bruce McCulloch, Drunk Baby Project (Engineer) 

Gord Downie, Battle Of The Nudes (Engineer, Mix) 

David Fracey, Right of Passage (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

Susan Aglukark, Arctic Rose (Engineer, Mix) 

Hayden, The Closer I Get (Mix) 

Lynn Miles, Slightly Haunted (Engineer) 

Coleen Peterson, Crazy (Mix)

Karla Crawford, Blame It On Something (Mix) 

Hugh O'Connor, For the First Time (Engineer, Mix, Produce)

The Jeffersons, The Jeffersons, Vol. 1 (Engineer) 

Karyn Ellis, Even Though The Sky Was Falling (Mix)

Ken Tizzard, Between the Lines (Engineer, Mix, Produce) 

Order Of The Day, Truth Be Told (Engineer, Mix, Produce)

Terry Tufts, The Better Fight (Engineer, Mix, Master)  

Michael George,The Miracle (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master) 

Stef Jaxsn, Stef Jaxsn (Engineer, Mix, Produce)

The Ragged Flowers, Story Be Told (Engineer, Mix, Produce) 

The Laws, Another Road (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

Lindy, Suspension of Disbelief (Engineer) 

The Populars, Five (Engineer, Mix)

RyeWolves (Master)

Mudville, The Glory of Man (Master)

The Jivewires, Laughin' In The Poorhouse (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Ric Denis, Tadoussac (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Malika, To Paradise (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Peggy White, Fair Is Fair (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Peggy White, Falling (Engineer, Mix, Master, Produce)

Mudville, Iris Nova (Engineer, Mix) 

Craig Cardiff, Soda (Engineer, Mix)

Samantha King, This is Forever (Engineer)

Terry Tufts, Two Nights Solo (Mix, Master)

Rylie Madison, The Life Of Rylee (Engineer, Master)

Mike Plume, Fools For The Radio (Engineer, Mix) 

Paul Reddick & The Sidemen, Rattle Bag (Engineer)

Chris Bown and Kate Fenner, Oh Witness (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

Trevor Finlay, Bumpy Roads (Engineer)

Pam Gerrand, Tripping On The Truth (Engineer)

Trish O'Brien, Trish O'Brien (Engineer)

Robert Farrel, Express (Engineer, Mix, Produce) 

Amanda Stott, Amanda Stott (Engineer)

Stephen Fearing, So Many Miles (Engineer)

Jeanette O'Keefe, Have A Little Faith (Engineer, Mix)

Tracksuit, Hospital Flowers (Engineer, Mix)

Colin Amey, What My Heart Don't Know (Mix, Master)

The Andy Poole Quintet, Wailin With Winker (Engineer, Mix)

Cheza, Shaker (Mix)

Brent McCathey, Believe In Me (Mix)

Night Sun, One Moment of Grace (Engineer, Mix)

Travel Agent, Terminal 103 (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

Kyla, Kyla (Engineer)

The Vibewell, Worth (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

Rebecca Miller, To The Radio (Engineer, Mix)

Tracey Brown, Woman's Work (Engineer, Mix)

Sherwood Lumsden, "Hey, Hey" (Mix)

Cheza, Cheza (Engineer)

Stephanie Beaumont, Love and dreams (Engineer, Mix)

Peanuts, Snoopy's Country Classics (Engineer, Mix, Master)

KC Jones, Hearts Were Bound (Mix, Master)

Sherwood Lumsden, All I Need (Engineer, Mix)

The Desert Dolphins, Hang Of The Heartache (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Barry Brown, Barry Brown (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Steel Rail, A Thousand Miles of Snow (Engineer, Mix)

Tudjaat, Tudjaat (Engineer, Mix)

Gerry Griffin, Hourglass (Engineer)  

South Mountain, Where There's A Will (Engineer)

Terry Tufts, Down the Eighth and Gone (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

The Gumboots, Northern Tracks (Mix)

Prescott-Brown, Already Restless (Engineer)

Northwind, Time Is Quickly Passing (Engineer, Mix)

Sinister Sam, Trudge (Engineer, Mix, Master)

The Bleeding Hearts, Seconds To Go (Engineer, Mix, Produce, Master)

John MacDonald, Long Way Home (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Lyndia Scott, Isn't It Always Love (Engineer, Mix)

Scott Kyle King, Little By Little (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Tracey Prescott, Tracey Prescott (Engineer, Mix)